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1. Do I have to Register to get a quote? 

  1. The answer is no! You do not have to register to get a quote.  You can call us anytime at 209-223-1870.  The benefits to registration are many.  Here is a list of reasons that you may want to consider regarding registration.
    • Time is money. Saving you time in getting quotes from us is important for you and us! When you need to shop several types of insurances it can become time consuming. By registering on this site you will have access to Insurance questionnaires that will save you time by populating your application with basic contact information.  For example, if you want a quote on a Farm Insurance package and later wanted a quote on Trucking insurance you would not have to input all the contact and business information again. Your profile will have been created and save and pre-fill your questionnaire when you return.
    • Renewals, as many of you know with Farm Insurance most of the Insurance Companies require a renewal Questionnaire.  With your registration we will be able to pre-fill for questionnaire for you saving you time… and time is money.
    • Appointment Scheduler: We have implemented an appointment calendar for your use.  This appointment Calendar will allow you schedule appointments for a variety of services.  Say for instance you have a Commercial Auto policy coming up for renewal in six months and you would like a second quote. (keep in mind we shop several carriers for you at one time) You can schedule and appointment for up to twelve months in advance. Our Scheduler will remind you in advance that we have an appointment via email.  With the Appointment Calendar you will be able to a. Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel your appointments electronically.  Would you like to see it in action? Go here.

2. Is there a fee to get a quote?

  1. No, There is no fee to get a quote. In fact you can call us at anytime to get answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment. Let fact it! In order to provide you with a quote we need to gather information. Sure we can talk to you and answer questions for you but in order to provide you with a quote we need to gather the information in an orderly fashion and be able to document your information for our evaluation and protection.  So.. our suggestion is to call if you wish 290-223-1870.  We can complete an application for your or you are welcome to go to our application section, complete as much as you can of the application, print it out and fax or email to us. Our fax and email are listed on the application.

3. Is there a fee to register? 

  1. No, there is no fee to register on this site.

4. Can I be removed once I register?

  1. Yes, you can write to us and ask to have your name and user profile removed from our database. Please note, we do not share your information with anyone except our agency and the web designer.

5. Will I be emailed / spam you with solicitation on a frequent basis? 

1. No. We feel that if you want to be kept up to date on changes regarding your “particular” situation you can schedule an appointment with your Agent.  We do an annual review with most of our Farm and Ranch Insurance policies to see if there have been any changes to your operations.  If you have changes to your existing policy that you would like to discuss with you Agent please call 209-223-1870 or us our Contract Form here.

6. Are the Insurance Carriers that you deal with reputable? 

  1. Yes! All of the insurance carriers we work with have excellent ratings and reputations.  They are leaders in their industry. As the agency broker I can attest that the last thing we want is to promote an insurance company that does not meet the our Client’s standards.

7. How long does it take to get a quote? 

  1. Good question.  If you want a quote the best way to get a timely quote is to complete and application, provide photos of all dwellings, wood stoves, outbuildings and order “loss runs..aka hard copy loss reports, from your current insurance carrier.  Sometimes these reports are call “Letters of experience.”  We like to go back a full three years on these letters / reports.  This could mean that if you have switched insurance companies several times in the last three years that you will need to place  a call to each insurance company.  On smaller farms we can give an “indication” of price but we will not be able to proceed until we receive all the required items. As an alternative to you providing the photos you could order and pay for an independent insurance inspection. Call our office form more details.

8. Can I just get an estimate without having to complete an application? 

  1. In some instances yes.  Please read item “7.” above

9. Do you write Trucking, Commercial Auto and Personal Auto Insurance?

  1. Yes, we write trucking, commercial auto and personal auto insurance
    1. We have nearly 200 insurance carriers from which to assist you.  With a little time and information we can assist you with virtually all of your insurance needs
  2. Can I get Cargo Coverage? 

    1. Yes! We can provide you with Cargo Coverage and more…

10. What kinds of Insurance do you write? 

  1. It is easier to have a list of what kinds of insurance we do not write than it is to list all the types of insurance that we do write. In general we write Business, Farm & Ranch and Personal lines.

11. What if I do not have prior insurance? 

  1. That is ok. We have plenty of insurance markets. Several insurance companies will accept “new ventures.”  New ventures is commonly referred to as a business without prior confirmed insurance coverage.  Many farm and ranches may have been in business without prior insurance and still be titled as a new venture due to not having verifiable prior insurance coverage.

12. What is I have a prior loss?

Claims do happen.  We have insurance carriers that will consider new business with prior claims.  This is a topic that is too large to go into detail on here.  The best process to follow is to order your hard copy loss report from your prior carrier and submit it to us with a completed application.

13. Do you write insurance in other States?

  1. Yes. Here is a list of other States in which we provide our insurance services:
    1. Arizona
    2. California
    3. Iowa
    4. Nevada
    5. Oregon
    6. Texas

14. Can I schedule a time to get assistance in completing an application? 

  1. Yes.  We have several options to choose from. You can call, use our contact form or use our appointment scheduling calendar. On accounts that generate over $100,000 in annual premium you can request that a field agent come to your place of business at a mutually convenient time.


  • We kindly ask for your mailing address so we can mail you some of our business cards for future reference. We "will not" send more than on mailing per year.
  • Locations

    We receive many request for Farm liability only. If this is the case please list all locations. Any location not listed will not be covered.

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