Customer Service

Customer Services

Please read this section carefully and call or write to us if you have any questions

Policy Changes, Endorsements, Certificates, Auto Identification cards

Call the Broker / Agent Athena Insurance and Financial Services at 209-223-1870.  See also below for a list of Insurance Carriers and options for policy changes.

Billing & Payments

The first item you “should” know about you policy is the “type” of billing associated with it.  There are two choices; “Direct Bill & Agency Bill.”  See also below for a list of Insurance Carriers and options for policy changes.

Direct Bill:

  1. Direct Bill to you directly
  2. Direct Bill to your Mortgagee*

Agency Bill

  1. Our Agency sends you or your mortgagee* a renewal bill annually

*The type of billing is often established at the original onset of the policy buy the carrier.  The important thing to remember is that most Farm policies “require” some kind of renewal application.  Another thing to remember is that when your mortgagee/ loan changes location or entity “you” are required to let us know because “they do not.”   What happens if you fail to let us know? This could be tragic or just down right annoying to you.  In the first case, if we do not have the correct mailing address to bill for the payment the policy will cancel for non-payment unless you have paid it yourself.  In the second case your lender will send a nasty letter before force placing protection for the loan amount. In most instances this is very expensive an only covers the “balance” of the loan.  The moral to the story is to let us know when you mortgagee changes.  Many thanks…


Call our office at 209-223-1870 or view the table of Insurance Company for links to claims departments.

Other Services

In addition to Farm / Ag Insurance services we have a full range of personal insurance including auto, home, recreational, marine, life, health and more. Visit is also on

List of Ag Insurance Companies

Insurance Company & DepartmentWeb site addressPhone numbers
ACE Agribusiness Create an Online AccountCommercial Claims 800-233-8347, Commercial Billing 800-888-3033, Farm & Ranch Claims 800-585-9624

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